April 18, 2011

Maintenance specialist offers extended range of braking resistors

~ Extended range ideal for automation, general electrical and elevation applications ~

Field service and maintenance specialist, CP Automation has added Cressall Resistors’ extended range of ES Series dynamic braking resistors to its portfolio. The comprehensive range of compact dynamic braking resistors, which was launched by Cressall in April 2011, is available at short notice and easy to install. The series provides continuous power ratings from 0.6kW to 8kW and has a maximum operating voltage of 1000V DC.

The resistors are ideal for automation, general electrical engineering and elevation applications. They can be easily applied to motor control, variable speed drive control systems, lifts and elevators, cranes and winches, conveyors and test loads.

The ES series feature high overload capacity and close tolerances as well as low inductance and a temperature stable element. They are rated for repetitive duty and are noise-free, making them ideal for use in built environment applications.

“Cressall’s ES braking resistors are based on HP coils, spiral wire-wound on ceramic formers,” explained Tony Young a director of CP Automation. “These elements have a high overload capacity and cool rapidly. The resistance material is a high grade stainless steel with no more than seven per cent resistance increase over the whole temperature range. This is in contrast to cheaper designs, which can increase in resistance during the heating cycle by as much as 50%, resulting in lower current and less effective braking,” he enthused.

There are eight standard enclosure sizes in the range, made of galvanized steel, although other sizes can be built on request. Enclosure lengths range from 288mm to 500mm and weights extend from 1.4 to 11.5kgs. Options include a thermal switch and terminal cover.

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About CP Automation: CP Automation is a specialist in the repair and replacement of automation equipment including electronic boards, PLCs and Ac and DC drives. It was established to provide an independent maintenance service, without exclusive ties to any manufacturer. However, it does have strong relationships with the principal inverter, encoder, resistors and motor manufacturers.

Ref: CPA047/04/04

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