May 31, 2019

Launch of compact power quality filter

We have introduced the new Comsys ADF P25 small compact active filter to our supply range. This ultra-compact filter addresses recurring power quality issues in industry for applications where space is at a premium.

Power quality is a growing concern for utility providers, manufacturers and data centres. The more advanced technology in today’s facilities is putting higher demand on the electrical grid, making machinery particularly susceptible to power quality issues and unexplained equipment malfunctions and stoppages.

This coincides with the dwindling space in today’s facilities — there often isn’t room for a bulky power filter. Improved space optimisation for this equipment enables higher production volumes in the same footprint, saving business huge sums of money in floorspace.

“We have taken 20 years of know-how in high power active harmonic filters and built the most robust small size active harmonic filter on the market,” explained Rickard Jacobson of Comsys.

The Comsys ADF P25 addresses the need for an ultra-compact power filter, without compromising on protection. It filters a variety of electrical disturbances, including transients and harmonics, which could go on to cause overheated transformers, nuisance tripping and non-compliance with grid codes.

“Our customers are attempting to maximise on every inch of floor space,” explained John Mitchell of CP Automation. “At the same time, they are also optimising energy efficiency and proactively protecting machinery from unnecessary downtime. Luckily for them, the ADF P25 offers the same performance as its big brothers, the ADF P300 or ADF P100, but in a much smaller size.

“The filter is suitable for new build facilities or as part of a retrofit approach and it is compatible with all three-phase low voltage applications. To get the filter commissioned, all that is needed is a laptop with an ethernet port and recent web browser. Investing in this is a no-brainer to save on footprint, downtime and parts replacement costs.”

The ADF P25, as with the other Comsys products that CP Automation supplies, are engineered and manufactured in Sweden to extremely high standards. The expert engineering has enabled several ADF P25s to be combined, offering modular and scalable design as facilities increase power demands.

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February 01, 2019

Third time’s a charm

Industrial supply and repair specialist, CP Automation, has been named as Roxburgh EMC’s distributor of the year for the third time. The award reinforces the strong alliance between both businesses and highlights the importance of effective supply and distribution in today’s competitive industrial climate.

CP Automation has been a distributor for Roxburgh EMC for six years, stocking over 80 industrial filter lines, including three phase, neutral products and high current single-phase ranges. The business has previously taken home Roxburgh EMC’s distributor of the year award in 2015 and 2016, making the most recent win a hattrick.

“The recognition reinforces our long-standing partnership with Roxburgh EMC,” explained John Mitchell, global sales and marketing director at CP Automation. “The company's products are reliable, UK manufactured and have excellent lead times, which helps us do what we do best — provide customers with effective problem-solving products.

“For this reason, we’ve recently stocked up on Roxburgh EMC 820 Amp mains filters to extend our range of three phase filters for cranes, escalators and HVAC systems. With this a huge focus sector of our business, we look forward to another great twelve months.”

“CP Automation stocks an extensive range of our industrial filters. They thoroughly deserve the Distributor of the Year award,” commented Tom Downing, product manager of Roxburgh EMC. “Throughout 2018, they once again showed exceptional sales performance and dedication to the brand by offering valuable EMC solutions and technical advice to their customers.

“Our partnership with CP Automation has strengthened our brand and enabled Roxburgh EMC to enter new markets. We presented this award to them in recognition of their commitment and effort. We have enjoyed working with CP Automation and we look forward to celebrating more success in the near future.”

The alliance has never been so important, with the office for national statistics announcing steady growth for the construction, manufacturing and production industry. With high-stakes projects taking place in all sectors, it’s vital that filtering and protection devices are readily available, so that timelines are met without the common problems associated with poor power quality.

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January 17, 2019

Precise alignment for tissue converting

Industrial sales and repair specialist, CP Automation, has introduced the Re Spa web guiding (WG) series to its product portfolio. These intelligent retrofit parts are set to solve common problems for tissue, aluminium foil, paper and plastic film manufacturing and processing plants, by offering precise alignment of web winding and consistent printing and cutting processes.

Effective alignment from the unwinder to the rewinder is a must for any converting businesses wanting to increase productivity and product quality. Re Spa’s web guiding systems are an ideal retrofit option that can be added directly to the existing system’s unwinder, to guarantee a fast and accurate correction of material position.

The Re Spa WG705 web guiding product is designed for reels up to 600mm in width, while the WG2003 suited to reels larger than 600mm. Both are fitted with ultrasonic sensors that feedback the position of the material to the web guiding controller, which sends a correction signal to the roller to reposition the material accordingly.

A further source of frustration for converting is the alignment of the web prior to folding after the cutting process has taken place. At this point, the web is smaller, so there is less room for error. The material must therefore be perfectly aligned on the roller in order to create precisely central folds. The WG705 offers easy pre-folding alignment correction, guaranteeing a precise fold in the middle of the product.

“Re Spa has identified a clear need for this product in the converting industry,” explained Tony Young, director of CP Automation. “Factories in all industries are becoming smarter, and tissue, film and foil processing and manufacture certainly won’t get left behind. Alignment issues don’t need to be a costly or recurring problem anymore, as these devices from Re Spa are now available for post-unwinding and post-cutting precision.

“Businesses that have retrofitted these parts are already reducing their production waste, reducing time spent on setup and increasing print quality.”

For more information on CP Automation’s Re Spa product range, visit the CP Automation website and Re SpA website, or e-mail