October 20, 2015

When bigger means better

~ Business growth gets repair and replace specialist a new home ~

Supply and repair specialist stocks industrial automation equipmemt
Euroserv, the sister company of supply and repair specialist CP Automation, has expanded its North East office to a 6,200 square feet facility on the Armstrong Industrial Estate in Washington, near Newcastle upon Tyne. The new premises will allow Euroserv to stock, test and repair a larger number and variety of industrial automation equipment.

Euroserv specialises in the repair and new sales of robotic, CNC, servo, electric, spindle and axis motors, braking resistors, pumps, drives, encoders, harmonic filters and more. The company works with clients of all sizes in the North East area, from one-man bands to international leaders, such as Nissan and Rolls-Royce.

“This expansion will allow us to tap into new markets,” explains Martin McGuffie, service manager of Euroserv. “Our new workshop and warehouse facilities will house testing solutions for bigger equipment and more complex projects. The move allows us to make full use of our industry experience and turns Euroserv into a one-stop shop for industry in the area.”

Euroserv’s workshop is fully equipped with test and repair facilities for all types of industrial electrical equipment. The company also has the ability to re-magnetise magnets, returning them to full strength, which helps manufacturers reduce maintenance costs.

“Euroserv and CP Automation are helping industry cope with increasing financial pressure, especially when it comes to minimising downtime and reducing operations and management budgets,” points out Tony Young, director at CP Automation. “Increasing the space we operate in and improving our testing facilities emphasises our commitment to helping our customers across all industrial sectors.”  

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