July 14, 2014

CPA launches new range of enclosures

CP Automation has today signed a new partnership with electro-mechanical expert DEM Manufacturing, to supply a leading range of Deltron heavy duty industrial enclosures. Suitable for use in harsh conditions, the new enclosures allow original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to use electrical equipment in various offshore and marine environments and other wet environments such as food and medical. 

Rated to a standard ingress protection of IP66 and a maximum of IP68, the range of heavy duty enclosures protect vital electronic equipment from a host of ingress types. They range from ingress by dust and high pressure jets of water to protection from complete, continuous immersion in water. Both IP66 and IP68 variants are certified to BS EN 60529:1992; IP66 for protection from jets of water and dust ingress and IP68 being fully submersible to 10m for 20 hours.

Made of LM24 die cast aluminium, the heavy duty enclosures are ideal for use in a variety of harsh conditions. These include deep water applications, such as marine as well as the renewable energy sector and offshore wind farms.

"This waterproof enclosure has all the benefits you would expect from a heavy duty component, whilst prioritising creative design and ease of installation," explained John Mitchell, CP Automation’s business development manager. "One of the key design features is protection against EMI and RFI," continued Mitchell.

"An excellent level of screening is achieved against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI) by enclosing the silicone seal well inside the box and ensuring a good contact between the lid and the base. In addition to this, integrated mounting holes allow the mounting bolts to be concealed within the enclosure. This results in the entire inside of the box remaining free for assembly."

The range of IP66 and IP68 heavy duty enclosures is available in plain, powder coated and nylon coated versions. All the enclosures are robust and lightweight, boasting a smooth finish with no sharp edges. Perfect for analytical, test and measurement equipment, the units are ideal for the water industry as well as for the security and lighting sectors.

All the enclosures include lid and seal as well as captive and earth screws in addition to PCB card guides and stand offs. The unit offers base plate and DIN rail mounting points and has a silicone seal rating of -60 to +200 degrees Celsius.

The powder coated version features a polyester powder coating, which is ideal for corrosion protection when facing continued outdoor UV-light and all-weather exposure. The hard finish on the powder coated unit offers superior toughness to conventional paint and is resistant to chipping, scratching and abrasions. This durable, high quality finish offers consistent surface colour and texture and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

For the harshest of environments, including the water industry, the nylon coated enclosure option is ideal. Water resistant and non-contaminating, the unit features improved chemical resistance to sea water, oil, grease, solvents and fuel. This high level of contaminant-resistance makes the unit hygienic for use in the food and medical industries.

The nylon coated unit backs up its mechanical strength with high abrasion, impact and damage protection. Its durable and corrosion resistance surface offers a hard, shiny and smooth finish with a low friction coefficient.

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