June 30, 2009

Appointment calls for an end to ‘line robbing’

Service and supply of drives, VSDs, Inverters, controls and braking resistors~ New CP Automation field sales specialist calls for firms to take a longer view on maintenance ~

Allyn Richardson, the latest addition to the CP Automation field sales team, has called on manufacturers to stop using parts from moth-balled production lines to patch up active ones during the recession. He believes that a longer term predictive maintenance or planned maintenance schedule will be more profitable over a sustained period.

Richardson, who has recently joined CP Automation sister company Euroserv from maintenance and cleaning equipment business Safety Clean, understands that, during lull periods, production lines need to be turned off. However, the former retained fire fighter argues that scavenging parts from these lines will only lead to greatly increased costs when a ramp up in production is required.

“The situation can be compared to an automobile enthusiast who owns two classic cars,” explained Richardson, who has also worked as a quality manager for Tyneside Safety Glass, which manufactures bullet proof windscreens amongst other products. “If you take parts from one car to ensure the other is roadworthy, the one you leave in the garage will develop further problems while it’s inactive.”

Richardson, who is married with two children, has nearly thirty years experience in industry and has seen two previous recessions come and go in that time. As well as his work for Safety Clean and Tyneside Safety Glass, he was also employed for nearly twenty years by extrusion business Hydro Aluminium. Here he introduced a saw blade management system that significantly reduced costs and resulted in Richardson being awarded a coveted group award for delivering customer satisfaction.

Since joining Euroserv Richardson has already won significant new business for the company, in particular an account with a large procurement agent for a group of engineering businesses. However, he plans to focus on developing relationships with end users in the long term, in order to provide better service and value for money. “Maintenance is a person to person business,” offered Richardson. “Working direct with the client, instead of via an intermediary, means you can contact the customer direct to ensure they are happy. That’s what it’s all about really.”

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About CP Automation: CP Automation is a specialist in the repair and replacement of automation equipment including electronic boards, PLCs and Ac and DC drives. It was established to provide an independent maintenance service, without exclusive ties to any manufacturer. However, it does have strong relationships with the principal inverter, encoder, resistors and motor manufacturers.

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