August 29, 2008

RevCon saves energy and money and helps meet green targets for elevators owners

Service and supply of drives, VSDs, Inverters, controls and braking resistors~ New product returns energy to the grid more cost effectively than other available systems ~

Independent maintenance consultancy CP Automation has teamed up with German electro-technology specialist, Elektrotechnishe Anlagen to provide UK sales for RevCon - a new product for returning to the grid the energy produced when a motor slows down. CP Automation expects RevCon to take the elevation industry by storm; because the motors driving elevators are required to brake constantly as the lift slows down and stops.

RevCon will work with any AC drive and is much more cost efficient than using two inverters to achieve the same effect. Furthermore, the product features a harmonic filter as part of the package, which ensures that the electricity returned to the network is fit for purpose and G5/4 compliant. A CP Automation spokesmen explained that there a several prestigious elevation projects in the UK that are already planning to install the product.

RevCon uses a feed-in tariff, similar to those used on domestic and semi commercial wind turbines, to allow the customer to charge the electricity supplier for the returned power. However, Tony Young, a director of CP Automation explained that, while RevCon isn’t a similar product to a wind turbine, the analogy is useful in outlining its efficiency. “A wind turbine isn’t particularly effective, normally operating at about 40% efficiency,” explained Young. “In contrast, when a motor slows down and begins to generate electricity, RevCon will operate at around 90% efficiency.”

“However, the bottom line for most businesses is the commercial imperative and this is where the product really comes into its own. The cost savings can be quite extensive in a facility where there are several lifts and escalators. This is the most compelling argument to present to the board!”

As well as acting as sales agent, CP Automation also offers advice on the overall project as well as repair and maintenance on motors, inverters, resistors and other peripheral products such as encoders. The company also provides replacement equipment when repair is impractical or not possible. In these instances, CP Automation’s independence comes to the fore – allowing it to stock a range of products from all the major motor and inverter manufacturers. Indeed, replacement inverters, encoders and motors are normally installed in a matter of days.

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About CP Automation: CP Automation is a specialist in the repair and replacement of automation equipment including electronic boards, PLCs and Ac and DC drives. It was established to provide an independent maintenance service, without exclusive ties to any manufacturer. However, it does have strong relationships with the principal inverter, encoder, resistors and motor manufacturers.

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